Eric Kipp Custom Clothiers

Bespoke Apparel

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Eric for several years. We shared a very similar career path, he and I both attended college in NYC and both moved to Chicago the same year, although we didn’t meet one another until much later, we became fast friends.


Working for other designers can be challenging but Eric and his partners, have trusted their brand to me for several years and two evolutions. We’ve done good work together, and continue to do so.


Eric is a student of history with his design and construction of his garments. His work draws from his heritage and German garment design. For his logo, a Black Forest Roe Deer Trophy mount was used with Oak leaves and Acorns. Classically rendered in a two color palette, in a style that would reproduce at different scales for shirt tags as well as printed materials. From there we used the imagery of the forrest itself, solarized, as a backdrop for the site and other collateral.