Ogilvy and Mather


In 2007, I got my career break, I was slugging it out doing freelance gig, after freelance gig,  after freelance gig. I was in Florida doing some photography assistant jobs for extra money and on my way home, as the plane was about to take off, my phone rang, it was my agent, she asked me if i wanted to apply for a job at Ogilvy, i told her yes, that i was on a flight, and to leave me a message with the details if i got it.


LONGEST FLIGHT EVER… As the wheels screeched at MDW airport I pulled out my phone and had one voicemail. I got the job.


Monday rolls around, I show up, and my Creative Director asks me if I was told what I was going to be working on, I told him I hadn’t yet. To which, he responded: “Well aren’t you lucky. It’s a cross promotion with Kraft Lunchables and the new Transformers movie.” I could not have asked for a project that was more perfect for me.


I was also fortunate enough to do work on Dove while i was there.


I was lucky.


Working for Ogilvy are some of my most fond memories doing design work.