Oliver Lang

Design and Branding

I have had the pleasure of working for Oliver for many years, I designed his first website in 2005 and several others for him as well as his personal branding, Oliver is not an easy client to have. He is perpetually distracted, a hummingbird among snails, he knows what he wants and will not relent until he gets it. Not even close to everything I have made for him has seen the light of day, in fact very little of it has. The projects are often long, about  year ago he called me upon launching his latest site, and asked for the passwords, to his hosting accounts, he mentioned having someone who was going to create content for him and take over the day to day running of his digital properties, It was a good break up. I understood.


I was surprised one night when I got an email at 3am simply stated in a way that only Oliver could, “I want you back.” No subject… of course.


The challenge with this site was taking the many sides of Oliver Lang and showcasing each one, as a scroll the sum is certainly greater than the whole of its parts, however each vignette Oliver wished to focus on was treated independently. Taken together the access to Oliver afforded to the viewer is something he has never before publicly shared. Each of these aspects was scored by his own words to the viewer.