The Rubicon Deli

Branding - QSR

Originally located in Reno NV, when the Rubicon Deli began to expand into other markets, the need for a consistent brand arose. I was contacted by Evan and Oliver to develop a brand identity and collateral for the Rubicon Deli. We worked through several iterations, and landed on a functional, versatile brand, with a voice and tone that is indicative of the handmade nature of their bread, huge sandwiches and high-end ingredients.


About 6 months and over 50 pieces of collateral later we were finished.


The website I made them is no longer managed by me (it’s great nonetheless) but the corporate brand, design aesthetic, and copy language are still in use.


The food is incredible to boot. They are a fun, irreverent brand.


I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a wonderful business.